What We Have Now - Debut Album

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Hey :) We're Borito


Welcome to Borito's time machine, a debut album titled “What we Have Now”, that sends you back to when you still had a summer vacation. The album is all about bringing back innocence, the freedom of loving, living and creating without the obligations and disappointments of adulthood.


 Bortio had a successful release of their debut single "Nice & Slowly": with radio plays at local stations in the UK, The Netherlands and of course Israel, Along with features in blogs from the UK, Spain, U.S and more. 

Borito’s debut album is independently produced by band members Yael Copeland and Shahar Levi with  songs  that are fun, danceable, dreamy and colorful arrangements influenced by contemporary indie pop bands, a love for post-funk and storytellers from the best of the rock and folk traditions. 



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